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Addressing climate change in health and social care reforms »

Andrew Ross considers the future for local efforts to address climate change in health and social care, in the context of last year's public health white paper and the Health and Social Care Bill.

Applying behavioural insights for sustainable policy »

The Behavioural Insights Team’s first Annual Update summarises its work and highlights examples of the application of behavioural insights, including the encouragement of more sustainable behaviours and lifestyles.

Sustainable development indicators for Wales »

New sustainable development indicators for Wales report progress on the commitment to sustainable development as the central organising principle of the Welsh Government, showing improvement in 19 of 44 areas.

Green Book discussion paper on valuing social impacts »

HM Treasury and the Department for Work and Pensions have published a Green Book discussion paper on valuing social impacts, assessing three different approaches to valuing important non-market policy impacts.

National Statistician reflects on the National Well-being Debate »

National Statistician Jil Matheson has published her reflections on the National Well-being Debate, part of the Office of National Statistics' programme to develop measures of national well-being and progress.

The Health and Security Perspectives of Climate Change: How to Secure our Future Well-being »

London, 17 October 2011: high level summit on well-being from a health and security perspective, hosted by the BMJ, Climate Health Council and Ministry of Defence - preview by Emma Gollub, Head of Communities at 2degrees.

Exploring the many dimensions of wellbeing »

Ahead of the Well-being 2011 conference, in Birmingham on July 18 and 19, Professor Richard Coles considers the many dimensions of well-being in the context of work by the Office of National Statistics on a national measure.

Systems shift »

Peter Madden unveils Forum for the Future’s bold new strategy: to transform the complex systems which serve our fundamental needs, such as food, energy and finance, so that they are fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Publications round-up: wellbeing, wind, ecosystem goods, European achievements »

The SDRN highlights new research publications in sustainable development: a toolkit for wellbeing; concerns about windpower; the value of ecosystem goods and services; assessing the EU's 6th Environment Action Programme.

Scottish government urged to measure what matters »

Round table report More than GDP: Measuring what Matters argues that GDP is an insufficient measure of improvement and recommends that Scotland shift its emphasis from measuring economic production to people’s well-being.