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London 2012 sustainability round-up »

A round-up of London 2012 sustainability news: sustainability at the heart of London 2012; UN praise; encouraging walkers and cyclists; on track for 20% carbon reduction; pedestrians light walkway; inspiring community projects.

News round-up: environmental tax, low carbon heat, Rio+20 outcomes, London green wall, car emissions »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: HM Treasury defines environmental tax, low carbon heat for communities, inquiry into Rio+20 outcomes, new green wall for London, cutting car emissions.

Using behavioural insights for more sustainable transport »

The Department for Transport's new Behavioural Insights Toolkit provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how to design more effective sustainable transport initiatives using insights from behavioural theory and social research.

Understanding Walking and Cycling »

The Understanding Walking and Cycling project examined the factors influencing everyday travel decisions and proposes a series of policy measures to increase levels of walking and cycling for short trips in urban areas.

Creating an Efficient, Sustainable and Integrated Transport System »

3 November 2011, London: Inside Government conference providing an opportunity to examine the government’s plans for a transport system which balances the needs of the economy, the environment and society.

British Embassy in Denmark cuts carbon emissions »

Katrine Dalsgård explains how the British embassy worked with 10:10 Denmark to cut its CO2 emissions by 27% in one year, making the most significant savings in transport through reduced use of flights, taxis and cars.

A sea-change for shipping »

Rupert Fausset of Forum for the Future explains how the shipping industry is moving from a low profile in sustainability terms to recognise that social and environmental responsibility are crucial to its future success.

Healthy lives, healthy people »

Recent Department of Health strategies on public health and mental health recognise the role of health in sustainable development, delivering long-term environmental and financial benefits to society.

Seminar, lecture, exhibition: social science and climate change »

17 January 2011, London: A seminar, lecture and exhibition mark the launch of the British Sociological Association Climate Change Study Group, promoting sociological lines of enquiry on topics relating to climate change.

Sustainable transport: funding and research »

The Department for Transport has announced funding of £560 million for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and published an interim report on research into attitudes to climate change and actual transport behaviours.