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Online events from 2degrees in June »

Online events in June from 2degrees: design for behaviour change, collaborating for corporate sustainability, reducing forest footprints, water use in the beverage industry, clean energy legislation in Australia, property energy efficiency.

Better together: collaborating for sustainable construction »

Engineers of the 21st Century, a Forum for the Future partnership project on use of sustainable materials in construction, shows collaboration across the supply chain is a powerful approach to sustainable development.

Carbon management as a strategic priority for business »

A new report from the Carbon Disclosure Project provides a compelling business case for carbon management as a strategic priority for companies, driven by costs and social and market expectations.

Towards sustainable dyeing in India »

A recent demonstration project on the eco-efficiency of Indian dyehouses has shown that there are significant opportunities to reduce their environmental impact through simple, low-cost measures.

Accelerating low carbon transport »

A new project aims to shape the future of passenger transport, harnessing the automotive innovation, research and technological expertise of the Midlands for a low carbon vehicle revolution.

Reducing carbon emissions from cement production »

The cement industry, responsible for 5% of global carbon emissions, is beginning to address its environmental record, motivated by carbon caps and the need for fuel price stability.