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The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature »

The Natural Environment White Paper sets out the Government's vision for the natural environment as the foundation of sustained economic growth, prospering communities and personal wellbeing.

National Ecosystem Assessment: Synthesis of the Key Findings »

UK National Ecosystem Assessment's independent and peer-reviewed Synthesis of the Key Findings provides analysis of the UK natural environment's benefits to society and continuing economic prosperity.

Publications round-up: wellbeing, wind, ecosystem goods, European achievements »

The SDRN highlights new research publications in sustainable development: a toolkit for wellbeing; concerns about windpower; the value of ecosystem goods and services; assessing the EU's 6th Environment Action Programme.

Research round-up: vegetables, biochar, ecosystem services »

The SDRN highlights recent research relating to sustainable development: assessing the environmental friendliness of vegetables; carbon abatement for biochar systems; valuing ecosystem services.

Preventing the spread of invasive non-native species »

A new code of practice highlights the environmental, social and economic problems which invasive non-native plants can cause and provides advice to all involved in horticulture on basic steps to minimise their impact.

Biodiversity as a strategic priority for commissioning and use of evidence »

In the second of our series of articles on evidential priorities, Professor Robert Watson looks at biodiversity, its critical importance to human wellbeing and the economy, and how getting the economics right can help address its loss.

The Economic Value of Ecosystems and Biodiversity »

7 April 2011, 5pm (UK): The editors of the first two volumes of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity explore the economic value of nature, and the advantages and ethics of putting a price on our natural world.

The GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative »

The Global Legislators Organisation seeks to improve the valuation of natural capital in decision-making through a better understanding of economic valuation of natural capital, scientific assessment of trends and political leadership.

Research round-up: putting TEEB into practice; forest certification »

The SDRN highlights new research in sustainable development: putting TEEB into practice - a case study of ecosystem services in the Danube basin; forest certification as a global environmental governance tool.

Research round-up: ecosystem dependence, allotments, food security, climate science »

The SDRN highlights new research in sustainable development: increased human dependence on ecosystems; allotments and wellbeing; climate's effect on food security and livelihoods; new Met Office academic partnership.