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Trees save money: the economic benefits of green infrastructure »

A review by Natural England of studies into the economic value of green infrastructure argues that devoting areas of towns and cities to nature is not an expensive luxury but can deliver important savings for the public purse.

Rio+20: a development economist’s perspective »

Hannah Ryder, senior economist at DFID, the Department for International Development, looks ahead to Rio+20 and considers emerging "GDP+" proposals for a more holistic approach to measuring economies.

Changing Lives, Changing Society »

28 June 2012, Bristol: UWE's Changing Lives, Changing Society conference will consider the challenge of a widespread transition to environmentally sustainable and healthy behaviour patterns focusing on key real world issues.

Green economy round-up: green growth, environmental tax, sustainable income, biodiversity, recycling »

The SDRN highlights recent reports on sustainable development, economics and business: growing a green economy, environmental tax reform, sustainable income, business case for biodiversity, recycling.

Power in agriculture »

The FCRN considers a new study examining where the economic, political and natural resource power currently lies in world agriculture, how that might change in future and what it means to British farmers.

Sustainable development and economic growth – challenges for research and evidence »

13 December 2011; Royal Society, London: the Sustainable Development Research Network is marking the launch of its new phase with a high-level debate on the research challenges of delivering a green economy.

Green Book discussion paper on valuing social impacts »

HM Treasury and the Department for Work and Pensions have published a Green Book discussion paper on valuing social impacts, assessing three different approaches to valuing important non-market policy impacts.

Research round-up: vegetables, biochar, ecosystem services »

The SDRN highlights recent research relating to sustainable development: assessing the environmental friendliness of vegetables; carbon abatement for biochar systems; valuing ecosystem services.

Biodiversity as a strategic priority for commissioning and use of evidence »

In the second of our series of articles on evidential priorities, Professor Robert Watson looks at biodiversity, its critical importance to human wellbeing and the economy, and how getting the economics right can help address its loss.

The Economic Value of Ecosystems and Biodiversity »

7 April 2011, 5pm (UK): The editors of the first two volumes of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity explore the economic value of nature, and the advantages and ethics of putting a price on our natural world.