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URSULA: Integrating multiple facets of river corridor development »

17–18 November 2011, Sheffield: The Urban Rivers and SUstainable Living Agendas (URSULA) project investigates the sustainable development of urban river corridors. Its final conference will disseminate research outputs.

Developing sustainable urban corridors »

The Urban River corridors and SUstainable Living Agendas (URSULA) project is demonstrating the social, economic and environmental gains to be made by integrated and innovative (re-)development in urban river corridors.

Surface water management and future water supplies »

Previewing his speech at IWEX 2011, Terry Nash, Director of the UK Sustainable Development Association, highlights the need for integrated surface water management, combining sustainable drainage with rainwater harvesting.

Sustainable management policies for Chinese river basins »

A new UK-China project will develop more sustainable management policies for river basins in China, drawing on UK experience of integrated river basin management and sharing Chinese methods for efficient water use.