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Environmental and low carbon priorities to support local growth in Manchester »

Defra minister Lord de Mauley and Greater Manchester councils have signed a growth agreement for Manchester under the City Deals programme, covering environmental and low carbon priorities which support local growth.

Green cities: using city deals to drive low carbon growth »

Faye Scott describes a new report from Green Alliance examining the degree to which cities can drive low carbon growth and looking in detail at the city deals process as a means of achieving this.

Sustainable cities round-up: economy, carbon, air, climate, future cities »

The SDRN highlights recent research and publications on sustainable cities: cities leading green economies, carbon emissions, urban air quality, adaptation to climate change, future cities.

Online events from 2degrees in October »

Online events over the coming month from 2degrees, an online global community for sustainable business: supply chain scorecards; capital markets; simplifying CRC; future cities; water; waste; life cycle assessments.

Informed Cities Forum 2011: Rio+20, local performance and the role of research »

Naples, 26-27 October 2011: policy makers, researchers and European local sustainability schemes will take stock of local governments’ achievements and outline a new vision for local sustainability, in preparation for Rio+20.

Time to start work on the urban mobility systems of 2040 »

Forum for the Future launches Megacities on the move, a toolkit to help governments, businesses and civil society understand the challenges that cities will face in the next decades, and plan for more sustainable mobility solutions.

Vision and long-term planning make a sustainable city »

Newcastle is Britain’s most sustainable city, according to Forum for the Future’s annual survey, ranking Britain’s 20 largest cities on environmental performance, quality of life and preparation for the challenges of the future.

Publications round-up: co-production, urban design, sustainable lifestyles, rural communities »

The SDRN highlights recent publications: co-production for better public services; working across boundaries in large scale urban design; encouraging sustainability in everyday lives; sustainable rural communities.

Home visits encourage sustainable living in Peterborough »

As Peterborough’s Green Team clocks up 2,000 home visits, Rachel Huxley, of Peterborough Environment City Trust, looks at how visiting householders to help them ‘go green’ can effectively encourage sustainable living.

Publications round-up: sustainable cities, wellbeing, decoupling growth, slow travel »

The SDRN highlights recent publications: ten principles for urban transport; improving wellbeing with green space; decoupling economic growth from environmental pressures; defining and discussing slow travel.