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The Role of Local Government in Promoting Wellbeing »

A new report from the New Economics Foundation argues that the promotion of wellbeing is central to the aims of local government: supporting a better life for people and building resilient communities, now and in the longer term.

How the environment can improve young people’s lives »

A new report from the Sustainable Development Commission investigates the impact of the environment on the lives of young people, finding opportunities to maximise employment chances and improve wellbeing and personal responsibility.

The future of food: a community response to a global problem »

Katherine Darling, of the Plunkett Foundation, explains how community supported agriculture is helping provide easy access to affordable, fresh, seasonal produce from a known source, and a reconnection with the land.

Defra's partnership with civil society »

Civil society organisations play a vital role in securing better outcomes for the environment, rural areas and sustainable development. Defra's Civil Society Advisory Board is providing strategic advice.

Publications round-up: focus on energy »

The SDRN highlights three new publications looking at energy and sustainable development: an examination of carbon emissions from heat; an exploration of community energy projects; a survey of fuel poverty.

Publications round-up: co-production, urban design, sustainable lifestyles, rural communities »

The SDRN highlights recent publications: co-production for better public services; working across boundaries in large scale urban design; encouraging sustainability in everyday lives; sustainable rural communities.

Greener Together »

Greener Together, a Co-operatives UK initiative, is engaging and supporting people to share lifestyle changes that reduce their environmental impact in the areas of energy, waste and personal transport.

Home visits encourage sustainable living in Peterborough »

As Peterborough’s Green Team clocks up 2,000 home visits, Rachel Huxley, of Peterborough Environment City Trust, looks at how visiting householders to help them ‘go green’ can effectively encourage sustainable living.

Eat into green living »

The National Trust’s Eat into Green Living project, supported by Defra's Greener Living Fund, is engaging people to help them make the link between individual food choices and the impact on sustainability and the environment.

Shaping the nature of the nation »

Caroline Spelman this week invited the public to shape the future of the England’s environmental policy, stressing both the importance of the natural environment to the economy and the role of the Big Society.