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Working with faith networks to encourage green behaviour »

The three-year Faith project in Peterborough has trialled the dissemination of pro-environmental messages within faith networks, working with five faith groups in a range of interactive hands-on workshops.

Sustainable living at the local (community) shop »

In an extract from Defra’s recent Getting the Message Across, a case study of Brockweir and Hewelsfield Community Owned Shop illustrates how a community can ensure provision of a vital service while inspiring sustainable living.

Social enterprises as inspirers of sustainable living »

Defra’s Social Enterprise Strategic Partnership has published Getting the Message Across, reporting on the role of social enterprises to encourage sustainable living in areas such as local food projects, recycling initiatives and tourism.

Inspire a generation – to greater sustainability? »

The London 2012 Games are over but their legacy is only just beginning. Jonathan Turner of CSL considers the sustainability of the “look and feel” and whether the messages will have a lasting effect in inspiring sustainable behaviour.

Uncovering household energy habits »

A new study - Powering the Nation – household energy using habits uncovered - has examined the electricity usage of English homes to provide insights into how we use the electrical products that power our lives.

Engaging employees for sustainable change »

While the concept of sustainability is becoming more mainstream, doubters remain and habits can be hard to change. Rob Fenn explains the benefits of engaging employees in improving an organisation's sustainability.

One Planet Centre for London 2012 »

The One Planet Centre, now open in the London 2012 Athletes Village, will encourage athletes to make sustainability pledges and champion sustainable behaviours in their communities.

Online events from 2degrees in June »

Online events in June from 2degrees: design for behaviour change, collaborating for corporate sustainability, reducing forest footprints, water use in the beverage industry, clean energy legislation in Australia, property energy efficiency.

The Big Green Bundle: engaging staff on green issues »

The Big Green Bundle is a new toolkit designed to help organisations deliver in-house staff engagement campaigns to support reduction of CO2 emissions, drawing on Defra's environmental segmentation model.

Changing Lives, Changing Society »

28 June 2012, Bristol: UWE's Changing Lives, Changing Society conference will consider the challenge of a widespread transition to environmentally sustainable and healthy behaviour patterns focusing on key real world issues.