BREEAM Performance – Departments are to apply the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) ’Excellent Standard’, or equivalent, to all new builds and ‘Very Good’ standard to all major refurbishments.

Central government departments continue to work towards ensuring that all new builds and major refurbishments of government estate buildings are done with consideration of sustainability. The use of features such as the Building Research Establishment (BRE) environmental assessment method helps departments understand the impact of new builds on the environment. In 2009/10, central government departments again made progress in improving the consideration of sustainability when undertaking new builds, with the majority of projects now being subjected to an environmental assessment method.

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The percentage of BREEAM assessments achieving ‘excellent’ for new builds achieved a 6 % point rise over the equivalent level for 2008/09. Departments were asked additional questions this year on the BREEAM assessment to give a better understanding of the reason why projects did not achieve the required rating. Submissions from departments indicated that 18% of projects could not possibly have achieved the required rating due to the remoteness of the location or the ‘listed,’ status of the building. Taking this into account means the number of compliant buildings rise to 91.5% of new builds. However this year has seen a reduction in the assessments and ratings reported for major refurbishment projects. 27 out of 58 of the major refurbishments were assessed, of these assessments 26 achieved or exceeded the standard.

Page published: 28 February, 2011