Regional indicators

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Regional sustainable development indicators were last updated in 2010. Owing to resource constraints and changes in regional governance these indicators will be no longer maintained. However, in some cases regional data will be still published by the originating departments.

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Regional versions of the indicators of sustainable development provide a perspective of progress in each region of England.

For 46 out of the 68 national indicators it has been possible to produce regional versions.  The indicators highlight issues within the four themes. Other indicators provide useful contextual information.

The regional indicators were last updated on 25 February 2010.

Indicator summaries and assessments

  • Indicator summaries
    Grouped by priority area, each indicator is presented with a graph showing the most up to date position against a baseline year for each region
  • Regional factsheets
    Explanation and assessment of progress against each indicator in the Government office regions using similar methods to those used for  the national sustainable development indicators
  • Summary of all measures (pdf)
    The best and worst regions in absolute terms by indicator for contextual purposes

Regional Data

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