Key indicators and themes

20 key indicators are selected to provide an overview of some of the important goals for sustainable development. The indicators also fall into four themes: sustainable consumption and production, climate change and energy, natural resources, sustainable communities.

The table below gives a summary of assessments for the framework indicators. These give an overview of sustainable development and highlight priority areas shared across the UK.

Each indicator name links to a page with a chart/charts, assessments of progress and commentary. A smaller thumbnail chart links to a larger version in those cases where longer term trend information is available.

Indicator Change since Direction in latest year
1990 2003
1. Greenhouse gas emissions: Green Green Green
13. Resource use: Green Green Green
18. Waste: No data Green Green
20. Bird populations: Farmland Red Amber Green
Woodland Amber Green Green
Seabird Green Green Green
27. Fish stocks: Green Green Green
28. Ecological impacts of air pollution: Acidity No data Green
Nitrogen No data Amber
30. River quality: Biological Green Green Amber
Chemical Green Green Green
32. Economic growth: Green Green Red
37. Active community participation: No data Amber 2001 Red
38. Crime: Vehicle Green Green Green
Burglary Green Green Green
Violent crime Green Green Green
40. Employment: Amber Amber Red
41. Workless households: No data Amber Red
43. Childhood poverty: Before housing cost pgreen equal Green
After housing cost equal equal Green
45. Pensioner poverty: Before housing cost tick equal Green
After housing cost tick tick Green
47. Education: Green 2004 Green
49. Health inequality: Infant mortality Red compared with 1994 tick Green
Life expectancy Red compared with 1991 cross Red
55. Mobility: Walking/cycling 1995 cross tick
Public transport 95 tick late
59. Social justice: No data No data No data
60. Environmental equality: No data No data No data
68. Wellbeing: No data No data No data

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