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Measuring progress: Sustainable development indicators 2010

The sustainable development indicators were last updated in 2010. A new set of indicators are currently under development to support the Government’s approach to mainstreaming sustainable development, and will be reported on once available. In the meantime, more up to date data may be available directly from the originating Government departments.

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Measuring progress: Sustainable development indicators 2010 (download)Measuring progress: Sustainable development indicators (pdf download, right) replaces Sustainable development indicators in your pocket as the annual statistical review of the country’s progress.

An extensive range of economic, social and environmental indicators are compiled here to provide a statistical overview of  the country’s progress. They cover a wide range of topics of everyday concern such as health, housing, jobs, crime, education, and our environment, all of which may affect whether we can live more sustainably in the future. They include measures of wellbeing, how people rate their lives and how satisfied they are with aspects that may affect them.

The indicators are updated annually and reported here:

Latest statistical release

The new edition of Measuring progress: sustainable development indicators 2010 was published on 30 July 2010 (see statistical release).

The Regional sustainable development indicators were published on 25 February 2010.

Methods, data and resources

Data, resources and the methodology underpinning the production of the indicators with explanation of their presentation are available:

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