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The Energy Water Food Stress Nexus »

The world’s energy, water and food systems are tightly linked. This Royal Geographical Society event will consider whether these vital resources can cope in the coming decades with a growing and more prosperous global population.

Cambridge annual lecture series in sustainable development »

Cambridge University's 10th Annual Lecture Series in Sustainable Development will feature experts from leading universities, government bodies, multi-national corporations and international organisations.

An evening with Alex Steffen and Ellen MacArthur »

20 October, London: Alex Steffen, editor of the best selling book Worldchanging and leading futurist, will give an evening lecture around positive 21st century perspectives, followed by a thought-provoking chat with Ellen MacArthur.

How the Foreign & Commonwealth Office tackled 10:10 »

11 August 2011, London: In a talk at the 10:10 HQ, Owen Richards, Sustainable Operations Manager for the FCO, will explain how British Embassies around the world have produced some of the best 10:10 results to date.

Linacre Lectures 2011: Riding the Perfect Storm »

27 January to 10 March 2011, Oxford: Lecture series addressing Professor Beddington's "Perfect Storm" concept, that the world risks multiple interacting environmental and natural resource challenges by 2030.

Seminar, lecture, exhibition: social science and climate change »

17 January 2011, London: A seminar, lecture and exhibition mark the launch of the British Sociological Association Climate Change Study Group, promoting sociological lines of enquiry on topics relating to climate change.