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The GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative »

The Global Legislators Organisation seeks to improve the valuation of natural capital in decision-making through a better understanding of economic valuation of natural capital, scientific assessment of trends and political leadership.

The Big Fish Fight »

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's campaign to end the waste of fish discards, a perverse consequence of quotas designed to protect fish species, wins hundreds of thousands of supporters, including the UK Fisheries Minister.

Shaping the nature of the nation »

Caroline Spelman this week invited the public to shape the future of the England’s environmental policy, stressing both the importance of the natural environment to the economy and the role of the Big Society.

Cutting carbon: Cameron aims for "greenest government ever" »

Announcing 10% cuts in carbon emissions across central government, David Cameron aims for "the greenest government ever" through "real action" not "warm words".

Tackling climate change and air pollution together »

Taking action to reduce the effects of climate change can deliver benefits to both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. A closer integration of air quality and climate change policies will achieve substantial and cost-effective additional benefits, particularly in public health.

A more sustainable future for fashion »

Fashion is often blamed for the ethical and environmental impacts of our throwaway clothes culture and obsession with the latest trends. Yet this year’s London Fashion Week celebrated how our love for clothes could be making a positive difference to the future of the planet and its people.

Green Homes, Warmer Homes: cutting domestic emissions »

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband has announced the Government’s new plans for a green transformation of British homes to cut emissions from homes by 29% by 2020.

Foreign Office pledges emission reductions for 10:10 »

2010 kicks off action on the 10:10 campaign for UK public, businesses and organisations to collectively reduce the country’s carbon emissions by 10% over the year: the Foreign Office is the latest Government department to sign up.

ICT key to sustainable transport »

The SDC's Smarter Moves report proposes greater use of ICT to reduce emissions, while the DfT outlines plans for more low emission vehicles.

Producing biodiesel from waste prison cooking oil »

Ministry of Justice procurement is working with foodservice company to collect waste vegetable cooking oil from prisons and covert it to renewable fuel biodiesel. The prison estate annually uses more than 500,000 litres of cooking oil in the preparation of meals for more than 75,000 prisoners.