The official Government Buying Standards paper cover copier/printer paper, tissue paper and paper used in printed publications.

What does sustainability mean for paper?

Sustainability considerations around paper can be all about the use of recycled materials – the more the better.

Slightly different standards exist for different types of paper, but the principle is that recycled paper should be used as much as possible. Virgin pulp can only be used in printed publications – where specific types of paper may be required – and there are strict regulations on the proportion of virgin pulp.

As well as the paper itself, buyers should also be aware of coatings and special papers which can be harder to recycle in the future.

All central government departments and their related organisations must ensure that they meet at least the mandatory Government Buying Standards when buying goods and services in the product groups covered on this site.

Forthcoming changes in this area

No further changes are planned at this time. These specifications were published in January 2010 following consultation. Read the consultation.

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