Office ICT equipment

All central government departments and their related organisations must ensure that they meet at least the mandatory Government Buying Standards when buying goods and services in the product groups covered on this site.

This section covers the official Government Buying Standards for sustainable procurement of office IT equipment. As well as providing links to the full specifications, it also provides more information on the key issues around procurement in this area and useful tools to help your decision-making.

What does sustainability mean for office IT equipment?

Many of us buying office IT equipment will be familiar with some of the key sustainability considerations from buying similar equipment at home: power consumption, life ‘expectancy’ and compatibility with existing hardware and software.

But it can also be increasingly important to look at the components and materials used: a lot of chemicals and plastic are used in the manufacture of IT equipment and this can be a significant problem when it comes to disposal. So as well as looking at energy efficiency, it’s worth checking how easy it will be to upgrade the equipment when necessary rather than just replacing it.

Energy efficiency and Energy Star

The energy efficiency component in GBSs for office ICT products refers to the US Government’s ‘Energy Star’ criteria. The Energy star label has been endorsed by the EU and is supported by a database that helps buyers pick the most energy efficient models, within the group of ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment. Further detail, the database, and an energy efficiency calculator is provided on the EU’s Energy Star web pages.

ICT is a rapidly innovating product area and Energy star criteria are periodically updated. When specifying, Buyers should ensure that suppliers understand that “Energy star” in the GBS refers to the latest version of energy star criteria relevant to the product they are purchasing.

Page last modified: 20 December, 2013