Cleaning products and services

This page focuses on the official Government Buying Standards for cleaning products and services. It gives you the latest specification in full for you to use in your procurement, as well as guidance on the key factors to consider.

What does sustainability mean for cleaning products and services?

Cleaning products and services is a very broad Government Buying Standard covering a wide range of different circumstances and applications. But common to achieving sustainability across these different situations is the need to ensure that the right amount of the right product is used for each particular task. Avoiding over use or misapplication of products, limiting excessive cleaning and ensuring that staff have sufficient training to enable them to do this can deliver environmental benefits at every stage of the products lifecycle and reduce costs with no reduction in performance.

All central government departments and their related organisations must ensure that they meet the mandatory Government Buying Standards when buying goods and services in the product groups covered on this site.

Recent changes in this area

These specifications were published in March 2011.

See also

  • Defra endorses the BACS/UKCPI Sustainable Cleaning Guide (pdf), covering cleaning products that are designed for sustainability as well as safety, working with suppliers so that they responsibly manage their manufacturing impacts and minimising the environmental impacts of cleaning operations.

Page last modified: 10 October, 2013