About Government Buying Standards

The GBS cover a range of products purchased by central government and the wider public sector. The standards identify some of the key sustainability issues in procuring particular products – from the materials used in manufacture and operation to how they will be disposed of at the end of their use. You can find Government Buying Standards for particular products here.

The Government Buying Standards are owned by Defra. Individuals standards are developed with input from across Government, from industry and wider stakeholders. Specifications are extensively reviewed with the support of market research and analysis, to establish appropriate criteria for each listed product which will take long term costs effectiveness and market capacity into account. A full cost/benefit impact assessment is then carried out, analysing costs, benefits and market capacity. For the larger or higher risk product groups the process ends with approval from the Defra minister before the new standards are launched

If you would like to participate in the development or updating of GBSs, or want to be kept aware of consultations, please contact us.

The standards are endorsed by ministers and senior officials in Defra, HM Treasury and other departments, and their use by Central Government departments and related bodies is required by the Greening Government Commitments.

Government Buying Standards are aligned to the European Commission’s Green Public Procurement (GPP) initiative. By using GBS you will be also be able to meet EU wide criteria and comply with UK commitments and priorities.

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