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As an individual


Our everyday choices and actions can have negative impacts on society and the environment. Three planets worth of resources would be needed to match current UK levels of consumption across the globe. We need to make different choices to ensure basic needs and quality of life for everyone, now and in future generations.

The carbon footprint of households is a major contributor to climate change, with the biggest impact coming from domestic energy consumption, travel and food. Individual behaviour can also result in other environmental problems and affect communities locally and further afield.

Simple practical steps can reduce negative impacts on the environment and benefit communities. We can demands more sustainable goods and services through our choices as consumers and investors. Many opportunities exist for community participation to improve the local environment and help build a better society.

Sources of advice

  • Directgov provides comprehensive guidance on the environment and greener living for individuals, from energy saving and greener travel to reducing waste and using less water. Links are provided to initiatives and sources of advice for specific areas.

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Page last modified: 17 November, 2011

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