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Where to go to for advice

Most larger businesses have a sustainable development or environmental management team that will be the best source of specifc advice for the organisation you work at or are interested in. The team will provide information on the organisation’s vision and strategy as well as the initiatives that help meet carbon reduction and other commitments.

If you are responsible for setting up your organisation’s sustainable development policies, or are interested in what more your organisation could be doing, the following organisations can provide advice and ideas:

  • Defra: Green economy, green business;
  • Business Link: sustainability and your business;
  • WRAP: works with business to reduce waste, develop sustainable products and use resources efficiently;
  • Forum for future: working with business leaders to create a green, fair and prosperous world;
  • Energy Saving Trust: resources to help organisations reduce carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Business in the Community: working with business to build a sustainable future for people and planet;
  • Sustainable Development Commission: engaging with the business community to achieve sustainable development.

Page last modified: 28 February, 2011

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