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European consultation on sustainable consumption and production

The European Commission has announced a consultation on the possible introduction of EU-wide measures related to sustainable consumption and production (SCP).

The consultation also looks at green public procurement (GPP), the environmental footprint of products (PEF) and the environmental footprint of organisations (OEF). The consultation is open to citizens, organisations and public authorities to express their opinions on a range of proposed policy options before the deadline of 3rd April.

Consultation proposals and options

The background document, available to download, provides details of the consultation and proposes a wide range of policy areas and options for SCP.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Resource efficiency and durability requirements in product standards;
  • Incentives for environmentally friendly products;
  • Green business models; and
  • Voluntary or mandatory declarations on product environmental performance.

The options proposed provide the rationale for the questionnaire, which asks for the policy options to be rated in various ways and allows for additional comments.

UK responses from government and other organisations

Defra will be submitting a UK government response and is also encouraging other organisations and industry groups to submit responses to ensure strong UK representation in the overall response. This is likely to be the main opportunity to influence the Commission before they publish the formal communication of policy intentions.

Due to the format of the questionnaire it may not be easy to share your responses with others before the deadline, but if you have particular points that you would like Defra to consider as we prepare the Government response, please let us know before 17th February, by emailing Ruth Coward:

Further information and how to respond

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