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Carbon literacy e-learning resource for private sector

The National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme (NSPPP) has launched a free carbon literacy e-learning course for private sector organisations.

carbon literacy e-learning resource

This free training resource can be used to develop awareness and understanding of the terminology and principles associated with the ‘greenhouse effect’, ‘climate change’ and ‘carbon footprinting’. With a move towards consideration of carbon in procurement practices it is becoming increasingly important to understand this new agenda and associated terminology.

The resource forms part of the Defra-led National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme (NSPPP). It is available to public and private sector employees and anyone else interested in the subject. All materials have been tested with a range of stakeholders and industry groups following their adaptation from the IEMA approved ‘Carbon Literacy for Procurers’ 1 day workshop.

Learning is broken down into 3 courses: Foundation, Enhanced and Procurers. The structure and content of each course is shown below:

Carbon literacy units

The Foundation and Enhanced Courses are typically relevant to everyone, whilst the Procurers Course has a greater focus on personnel involved in procurement and commissioning of goods and services.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the materials are intuitive, interactive and engaging. At the end of each course is a short test, following which a certificate can be accessed for personal development records.

The course takes about four hours in total; and as the system records and saves progress it is easy to complete the course in shorter sessions.

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