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Online events from 2degrees in October

Jophi George looks ahead to a selection of online events from 2degrees over the coming month. To participate or find out more about 2degrees, an online global community for sustainable business, sign up for free membership of the network.

In this look-ahead:

For a full calendar of what’s planned for the coming weeks in 2degrees, including many more events, see the 2degrees calendar of events.

Trends in Supply Chain Scorecards and Sustainability Data Reporting

4th October 2011: This webinar will explore the current best practice taken from case studies and first-hand experience dealing with the biggest companies and brands in the world.

Robert Clarke has spent 5 years developing a profiling system that will allow businesses to rank and compare carbon, energy, waste and water data. Learn how investors, analysts and sustainability professionals can drive home efficiency, process improvement and profitability for business.

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Sustainable Economy in 2040: A Roadmap for Capital Markets

5th October 2011: Most guidance on sustainable investment focuses on how to make business as usual better, without looking at the bigger picture. Join us and Alice Chapple, Director – Sustainable Financial Markets at Forum for the Future and co-author of Sustainable Economy in 2040: A Roadmap for Capital Markets – as we discuss a ‘roadmap’ showing how investment can support the development of a sustainable economy, based on a vision of where different sectors of the economy need to be in 30 years in order to be truly sustainable.

You will learn how, through a fundamental reallocation of capital and a restructuring of capital markets, a sustainable economy can be delivered – the first time such an approach has been taken to sustainable investment.

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Simplifying the CRC: DECC proposals

7th October 2011: Join us for our latest Business Operations webinar, where we are joined by Tom Bainbridge, Partner of Nabarro LLP. During his presentation, Tom will talk us through how the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)’s proposals for simplifying Carbon Reduction Commitments (CRCs) are likely to affect Participants. During this webinar you will Find out how DECC are proposing to simplify CRCs, understand how this will affect CRC Participants and engage in a Q&A session with a respected specialist in the field of CRCs.

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Future Cities in a Resource Constrained World

7th October 2011: This webinar will look at a recent study examining the drivers of city development, the development pathways of different city archetypes and the stresses on cities – which present both challenges and commercial opportunities.

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Sustainability on Tap: Making agricultural water resources last

12th October 2011: This webinar provides an overview of Council activities including an overview of the efficient water management practices (EWMPS) employed by agricultural water suppliers. Topics examined will include the history of agricultural water management in California and recent legislation that makes water management planning a required activity for certain agricultural water suppliers.

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Making Waste Beautiful: Improving design, changing public perceptions

18th October 2011: How can waste companies transform the image of the industry? This webinar will explore the need for better design for energy from waste infrastructure. Andy King will present some successful examples of how the innovative designs of infrastructure developments have changed the public perceptions of waste management facilities from ‘Not In My Back Yard’ to ‘Please In My Back Yard.’

The webinar will highlight why we need to match innovative process engineering with striking architecture, the impact this has on planning processes and how facilities can be future-proofed.

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LCAs: Don’t put a square peg in a round hole

20th October 2011: Panelists will explore how your company can match its sustainability objectives to its motivations. The session will go on to review legislation and standards associated with product sustainability. Join the session to find out what you need to know, and how to ensure your organization is compliant. The panelists will then discuss how life cycle assessment (LCA) tools are not created equally. Learn how to select to right tool for your company.

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